Le Petit Moineau

Bespoke Stationery and Calligraphy

Envisage a world where less is more.  This was the inspiration around why I chose a postcard style card.  It was important for me that the cards be environmentally friendly and considerate, but at the same time be created from beautiful paper and quality materials.  I wanted the cards to encapsulate that they are created with care and love from the beginning of creation to the gift of giving.

  •     Each card is created by hand.
  •     They are hand cornered and printed individually.
  •     Each greeting card includes an envelope with ‘le petit moineau’ printed on it.
  •     Each greeting card is individually wrapped.
  •     The paper is FSC approved – paper from responsible sources.
  •     The paper is acid free ensuring archival life.
  •     The paper is manufactured using Elemental Chlorine free (ECF) pulps.
  •     Each greeting card is locally produced from quality materials.